2019 Silmaril Award Nominations: Most Magnificent Dragon (CLOSED)

In 2017, when I first participated in the Silmaril Awards, I handled the competition for Least Competent Henchman.

In 2018, I moved up to Most Nefarious Villain.

The next step is obvious. All my training has prepared me for this moment.

It is time for me to take on the most coveted–and dangerous–of Silmarils…


In case you haven’t noticed, I’m very excited about this. And humbled, as well–I felt very honored when Jenelle Schmidt assigned this category to me. I intend to treat this role with all the honor and respect it is due, and to try my level best not to let anybody get immolated.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Or rather, I know it’s one of two things. If you’re new to the Silmaril Awards, you’re probably wondering, “What the heck are they?”

Behold, the Official Explanation from the Official Website:

The Silmaril Awards are all about celebrating fantasy fiction. But whereas most awards go to authors or books, these awards go to the characters themselves! Sound like fun? Read on.

Started in 2016, these awards are a four week online celebration of all that’s best in fantasy literature. There are ten awards given every year. The characters who receive them have to be from books generally considered to be in the fantasy genre. And a given character cannot receive an award more than once. These are lifetime awards.

Nominations are submitted on the websites of each of the presenters for that year. Anyone can submit a nomination and you can second (and third and fourth, etc.) any number of nominations besides your own.

After the nomination period (lasting one week) ends, the five characters receiving the most nominations will make it onto the ballot and you’ll have one week to vote. After the votes are tallied, the winners will be announced, one per day, over the final two weeks of the awards.


On the other hand, if you already know what’s going on, then you may be wondering something else. I’ve already hosted a bunch of rowdy henchmen and deranged villains in my house, and it didn’t go particularly well for me either time. How in the world am I going to manage a bunch of magnificent-but-volatile dragons?

Simple. I’m letting Malcolm handle it. He can put them up in his cave.


Shush, Malcolm. Anyhoo, let’s go over the rules:

  1. All characters created by J.R.R. Tolkien are ineligible to be nominated. With regard to these awards, Tolkien characters are considered the ultimate standards for their respective categories already. As such, they will present the awards at the end of this event.
  2. These awards are for fantasy characters only, so no science fiction characters are eligible. That said, we are willing to consider characters from a sciencey book if it has enough magicey stuff going on to warrant admission. For example, characters from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer are admissible due to the presence of some magical elements in that series. If you’re not sure whether a character is eligible, let me know and I’ll discuss it with the other Silmaril folks.
  3. When you nominate a character, you must mention the book that the character comes from. I’ve read a lot, but I haven’t read everything, so you may have to help me out.
  4. Feel free to nominate as many characters as you wish and “second” as many characters as you wish. The top 5 MOST seconded characters will go on to the final voting round.
  5. If you are an author, you are welcome to participate, but you can’t nominate your own characters; sorry. That said, feel free to direct your fans to this event!
  6. Characters who have won in a particular category in a previous year are ineligible to be nominated for the same award again. The Silmarils are Lifetime Awards. For a list of the previous winners in each category, please check out our Hall of Fame.
  7. Please remember that these are Fantasy BOOK Awards. A movie character is only eligible for nomination if they were in a book first. Novelizations, tie-in books, etc. after the fact do not count.
  8. We’re doing something new this year–we have a special Facebook group for the people voting in the awards to get together and discuss them! Click here to find out more and to join.
  9. Finally, don’t forget to visit the other blogs and nominate characters for all ten awards! You can find a full list of the other blogs below:

Jennette Mbewe – Most Epic Heroine

Christine Smith – Least Competent Henchman

Deborah O’Carroll – Most Silver Tongue

E.E. Rawls – Most Faithful Friend

Zachary Totah – Most Nefarious Villain

Tracey Dyck – Strangest Character

DJ Edwardson – Most Epic Hero

Madeline J. Rose – Most Mischievous Imp

Jenelle Schmidt – Wisest Counsellor

One last thing: the two previous winners of the Magnificent Dragon award were Eustace Scrubb from The Chronicles of Narnia (in 2017) and Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon (in 2018). So neither of them are eligible. Aside from them–and, of course, Smaug–you can have at it. Nominate away in the comments. Those who make it to the next round will be housed in Malcolm’s very spacious and treasure-filled cave.


Nominations will close on the evening of Friday September 6th, so don’t delay! And now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to prop my feet up and enjoy what promises to be the most trouble-free Silmaril Awards year I have yet experienced.


Did you hear something? Hmm. Probably not important.

134 thoughts on “2019 Silmaril Award Nominations: Most Magnificent Dragon (CLOSED)”

    1. Oh, I most definitely second Malcolm! (Wouldn’t that be a great turn of events–for Malcolm to win the very Silmaril for which he’s hosting all these other dragons in his cave??)

    2. Noooo, you can’t nominate Julio! The nominees are being housed in Malcolm’s cave. ???? This could get awkward.

      But. Yes. I second both of them. xP

        1. Oh, I’m sure that will be a fantastic story—not necessarily the same thing as “fine” XD

          I second Malcolm and Julio both.

          1. I’m seconding Malcolm and Julio as well. Malcolm probably should at least make it to top five he is hosting it after all;)

      1. Does any other dragon stand a chance against Malcolm when Kyle Robert Shultz is hosting? That said, I nominate Kazul from The Enchanted Forest Chronicles. And of course I also second Malcolm and Julio.

    3. I wholeheartedly second Malcolm AND Julio! I’m definitely here for the awkwardness that shall ensue. *grins*

      Also, how kind of Malcolm to be such a gracious host and house all the nominees. :)))

    4. Um, of COURSE I have to second Malcolm!!! That’s just a no-brainer for me!!

      Also also I’ll second Julio, because he’s great too and I adore him. ☺️

  1. Kyle, I think you might be in for more trouble than you bargained for… XD

    I nominate:

    -Clefspeare from Dragons in Our Midst by Bryan Davis

    -Makaidos from Oracles of Fire by Bryan Davis

    -Raudrim Quevara from The Errant King by Wayne Thomas Batson

    -The Dragon from Tales of Goldstone Wood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

    (What can I say, I have too many favorite dragons.)

    1. Yeah, I probably am… XD

      I wish I could second these, but I haven’t read any of their books, LOL. I have failed as a dragon-wrangler.

      1. I second:
        Kazul – Enchanted Forest Chronicles
        The Dragon (Death-In-Life) – Tales of Goldstone Wood

        I nominate:
        Shimmer from Dragon of the Lost Sea by Lawrence Yep
        Gnaw from Dragon and Scholar by HL Burke

  2. I heartily second both Malcolm and Julio Blackfire. Not that Malcolm really NEEDS the power of a Silmaril in his hands . . . but at least history suggests that he’s more True Neutral than any actual evil alignment, so it’s fine.

    I also nominate Gymn from the DragonKeeper Chronicles (’cause someone needs to represent the small dragons in here).

  3. I second Saphira from the Inheritance Cycle, and I’m curious Could I nominate Festus from The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan? He’s a mechanical dragon so I’m not sure how that works.

  4. I’m on board with Saphira from Inheritance Cycle
    I also nominate Glaedr from the same series and
    Falcor, OBVIOUSLY, from The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

  5. I second/nominate Saphira, Thorn, Glaedr, and Firnen from the Inheritance Cycle!

    Also (I don’t know if she counts) Bonnie from Dragons in Our Midst (she’s an anthrozil, which is a half-dragon-ish thing. She’s human but has wings and dragon genetics).

    1. Bonnie has been approved by the official Silmaril People! She’s been nominated already, but I will count your nomination as a “second” for her.

  6. A few more nominations I thought of, from the works of James Duvall: Sapphire from Shards and Joshua Woods from The War of Embers.

  7. I hesitate to nominate this being, as she’s evil, and not a *true* dragon, but she’s still a dragon. Of a sort. And she’s magnificent.
    So I nominate:
    -Lady Dragon, aka Amber, from Kendra Ardnek’s Rizkaland

    1. I second Lady Dragon! (Kendra, it’s done, please tell Amber not to eat me. She’s a very magnificent dragon indeed, and I wouldn’t be able to nominate/second her in any future Silm Awards if I’m a melted puddle)

  8. I second Clefspeare, Makaidos, Bonnie Silver, Gymn, Saphira, Gem (Ilyon), Tamotsu Eiji, and Amber (Rizkaland).

    I nominate:
    — Regidor the meech dragon from The DragonKeeper Chronicles (Donita K. Paul)
    — Arxad from Dragons of Starlight (Bryan Davis)
    — Shardas from the Dragon Slippers series (Jessica Day George)
    — Beauty, Rocky, and Diver from The Harper Hall Trilogy (Anne McCaffrey)

    1. It’s been decided that dragons from the world of Pern are not eligible, because the Pern books are technically sci-fi. Sorry about that! But I will add all your other nominations/seconds to the list.

  9. I second malcolm
    I second lady dragon aka amber, from the rizkaland series by Kendra ardnek
    I would nominate one or all of the dragons from Anne macaffries dragons of perm but it’s been so long since I’ve read them I don’t remember which was my favorite or any names
    I second beauty, rocky and diver from her Harper hall series (although I’m not sure that they are really dragons? They are fire lizards from whom the dragons were genetically altered as I remember? So maybe they do count? Been so long since I’ve read them…)

    Honestly I haven’t read a lot of books with dragons, my family’s a little… down on dragons since Satan is compared to a dragon in revelations.

    Oh oh oh! Is asmaveth eligible? I love him (princess ahira, by km shea)

    1. So, we’ve discussed the dragons from the Pern and Harper Hall books and have come to the decision that dragons and dragon-like creatures from this particular world are not eligible, since it’s technically sci-fi. Sorry about that! However, Asmaveth is eligible and will be added to the list.

  10. I second:
    And, okay, yes, Julio. XD (I was seconding Malcolm MORE but eh. ;))

    And I nominate:
    Yole from the Minstrel’s Song series by Jenelle Schmidt

    I KNOW there are more dragons and I need to come up with more to nominate! Ack!

    1. Hmm…I’m pretty sure the Jabberwocky doesn’t count in this category, but I think it would fit under Most Nefarious Villain just fine.

  11. I second:
    The Dragon

    And I nominate:

    Volleys from The Two Princesses of Bamarre
    The King from Guards! Guards!
    Majestrin from The Windrider Saga

    1. I second Volleys, and Gymn, Regidor, Makaidos, Bonnie, Saphira and Prince Kol.

      And I nominate Firedrake from Dragon Rider, and Queen Glory from Wings of Fire.

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